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Rainbow 6 Siege - Interactive Trailer
Responsive mind serving creative and business intelligence agencies.
main services
Creative agencies
We build unique web apps/websites totally responsive and animated without Flash.
By the way, we are one of the few french Google Certified Developers.
Business intelligence agencies
We build robots capable of finding, storing and analyzing any data on the web. From social media of course, but also directly from other websites.
Big Data? that’s it.
Rainbow 6 Siege
Biborg - Ubisoft
Interactive Trailer
Interactive Trailer for Rainbow 6 Siege promoting exclusive content and closed beta access
Batman Arkham Knight
Biborg - Warner Bros.
Youtube Masthead
Youtube Masthead for Batman Arkham Knight Launch
ICO Partners Tools
ICO Partners
Data Mining/Visualization tools
ICO Partners data mining/visualization tools
Lovelydays website
Wordpress Website
Lovelydays luxury rentals booking website
The Order 1886
Biborg - Sony
Interactive Trailer
Interactive Trailer for The Order 1886 Launch
Sony Corner Shop
Biborg - Sony
Wordpress Website
Playstation Store embedded into website
Little Big Planet 3
Biborg - Sony
Digital Campaign
Digital campagin for Little Big Planet 3 launch
Abu Dhabi Tourism
Biborg - Google - Abu Dhabi
Youtube Masthead
Digital campagin for Little Big Planet 3 launch
what else?

We come from the video game industry and we’re still connected to it.
Hence, we provide:

Formations for Unity3D,
Game Design and Construct 2
Fast Prototyping
of your game ideas
Potion of Wit was founded in 2013, we love working in entertainment industry, doing killing web apps and playing with data.
We are all full stack developers specialised in most web technologies, allowing us to quickly find solutions with lateral thinking and mixed skills.
Mickaël Mouillé
Uncompromising CEO
Raphaël Sfeir
Wise Developer
Florent de Grissac
Account Manager - Swiss Knife
Pierre Chabiland
Athletic Developer